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While some discover the impacts indistinct from psilocybin mushrooms, others state it’s progressively similar to DMT. The distinction might be portion subordinate. However, otherworldly type encounters are normal, as are philosophical experiences and a feeling of empathic prosperity.
4-AcO-DMT was first integrated by Albert Hofmann (who found LSD) and his partner Franz Troxler at Sandoz labs in Switzerland.


However, based on the chemistry and metabolism of similar tryptamine compounds, it is reasonable to assume that psilacetin undergoes deacetylation to form psilocin. From that point, psilocin would follow the accepted theory of binding to the serotonin 5-HT2A receptor, causing a psychedelic effect.

There are no published scientific studies specifically addressing whether psilacetin is metabolically active on its own. The possibility exists that when ingested, psilacetin may bind to serotonin receptors, including 5-HT2A, and elicit a psychedelic effect, perhaps one that is unique from psilocin. According to anecdotal reports. The psychoactivity of psilacetin is immediate when in injected, bypassing the first-pass metabolism in the stomach and liver.

A 2017 substance abuse study using rodents suggests a single administration of 4-AcO-DMT prevents and reverses heroin and nicotine addictions.

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The renowned psychedelic researcher Dr. David Nichols has suggested that psilacetin, like psilocybin, is a prodrug of psilocin.7 In their 1999 work, Dr. Nichols and Dr. Stewart Frescas synthesized the fumarate salt of psilacetin. In the paper, they also explain the economic advantages of psilacetin:

This O-acetyl prodrug of psilocin is much more easily prepared than psilocybin, and may offer an economical alternative for clinicians wishing to study the psychopharmacology of psilocin.

This material [psilacetin] is readily crystallized as the fumarate salt, and is considerably more stable than psilocin itself. It would seem to be an ideal prodrug to replace psilocybin in future clinical studies, since psilocin is the principal metabolite of psilocybin.

Some psilacetin users find its effects similar to psilocybin mushrooms (aka psychedelic mushrooms or “magic mushrooms”) whereas others have distinctly different experiences.

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Therefore, framing discussions about the effects of psilacetin are frequently in comparison to magic mushrooms. Comparing reports for those who noticed a difference between psilacetin and magic mushrooms. We could provide insight into the unique clinical attributes of psilacetin. Based on these comparisons, psilacetin appears to give a more colorful experience and imparts more feelings of warmth, relaxation, and euphoria than psilocybin mushrooms.Also, anecdotal reports suggest that the psilacetin experience has a faster onset and shorter duration than magic mushrooms.

The clinical differences between magic mushrooms and psilacetin can be ascribed to (1) the chemical differences between psilacetin and psilocybin and (2) the fact that magic mushrooms include multiple active ingredients, which synergistically produce the user’s experience. Because of the lack of scientific data about psilacetin, its mechanism of action remains a mystery. Conceivably, psilacetin’s clinical properties arise from binding to serotonin receptor active sites. Binding elsewhere on receptors and causing allosteric modulation, or both. 4-Aco-dmt buy



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